The Quest

I have been out in the wind and the rain
And in the night-wild woods.
I only know that He comes and goes again,
Scatters and leaves His goods.

I have lain out where the sward is steeped in sun
On a still-murmurous day.
He works in the fields, but when His hour is done
He passes and goes His way.

I have looked into the young and beautiful faces
And have seen His image fleeting.
He sparkles and shines in a thousand radiant places
And leaves but a word of greeting.

And I have watched the strange and tender communion
Of hearts fast-bound in love
He comes where they sit and smilingly blesses the union
Then flits to the skies above.

I will go out and gaze on the infinite spaces
Of the unclouded sky .
Beyond all colour and form and the changing graces
I seek His mystery .

Deep in the soul where dark and light are transcended
And never a word or a voice
I catch but the faintest glimpse of the vision splendid
It is He! All my powers, rejoice!

In the stillness inwrought with passion, the peace with power,
In the soundless music of rest ,
He is there, He is there, O not for a passing hour
It is there He makes His nest.