Sam Keyes – Poet, Essayist, Photographer

I live in Southampton UK with my wife Colette and two young daughters. By day I’m an academic in the natural sciences turned UK and European Patent Attorney, but by night I indulge my first love of wordcraft. I am a team member and contributing author to The Cultivating Project, a creative community who publish a quarterly issue on the interface of Christian life and the arts. I’ve also written for The Gospel Coalition, UCCF’s BeThinking Website, and Ekstasis Magazine, among others. 

I write poems and essays, and take photos. I also do a little songwriting, music production and videography, at which I’m very much a hobbyist. Key influences on my work and worldview include, in no particular order: Francis Schaeffer, G.K. Chesterton, Hans Rookmaaker, Colin Gunton, C.S. Lewis, Charles Taylor, George Steiner, David Field (whose essay ‘Not The Least Lash Lost’ changed my life), Malcolm Guite, Seamus Heaney, Ted Hughes, Rene Girard, and Andrew Peterson.

Places you can find me and my work:

  • Website – This is the main place I host my work.
  • Social media – follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Poetry – A selection of my poetry is hosted here, and can also be found at Ekstasis Magazine and The Cultivating Project, with others upcoming elsewhere.
  • Photography – I’m a keen photographer and Fuji X-system fanatic. A small selection of my photos is hosted here, and I post my work regularly to my Instagram feed.
  • Essays – I am gradually putting together a series of essays working through an apologetic based on the unique attributes of information and language (start here), and a series on the vital role of Art and the use of the imagination in a healthy Christian life and community b(for progress so far, see How Art Speaks, Two Ways of Seeing, and Christianity, Science, and Other Myths).
  • Speaking – From time to time I am invited to speak or preach. A selection can be found here.
  • Scientific Research – I spent the best part of a decade in academia, doing research using very big particle accelerators to study very tiny biological systems. A portfolio can be found here.
  • Videos – Sometimes I like to make silly videos. A small selection suitable for consumption is here.