Josh Baylis – Poet, Musician

I’m based in Oxford and have been a guitarist for about 15 years, and a poetry writer for the last 2 to 3.

I have a low-key blog of some of my poems, and have discovered that I gravitate toward themes of the symbolism of the seasons, grandeur of nature, longings for that which is bigger than ourselves, and the certainty of resurrection life to come through chaos and confusion. As a physicist by background I enjoy combining creativity with a methodical approach in writing.

Some of my favourite and most inspirational poets are John Keats, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Malcolm Guite. And as for guitarists: Andy McKee, Preston Reed and Erik Mongrain.

I also love complex and imaginative stories rich in symbolism and connections. Some favourite books have been Planet Narnia (Michael Ward) and CSL’s Cosmic Trilogy, and I would read Lord of the Rings every year if I could (along with, y’know, all the Narnia books, Wingfeather Saga + Tales, and more). I wish my bookshelves were limitlessly big and one day I hope to explore George MacDonald’s writings and add them to the collection.

I work in research support at Oxford University, and have previously worked as a church-based ministry trainee. 

Places you can find me and my work:

  • Poetry blog – you can read a collection of my poems here.
  • Social media – you can follow me on Instagram. I look forward to connecting!