Jonny Rogers — Journalist, Filmmaker

I am a writer, copy-editor, and filmmaker based in Oxfordshire, focusing primarily on environmental issues and human rights restrictions. I am currently working with a faith-based charity serving persecuted Christians, a foreign policy think tank, a not-for-profit social impact website & magazine, an independent film journal, and a faith-based charity evaluation group.
Over the past 5 years, I have established a growing portfolio of digital media engaging with global issues, including journalistic articles, academic essays, experimental films, motion graphics, and short documentary-style videos. With an MSt in Film Aesthetics, I have a deep interest in cinema, photography, comics, and poetry – and have tried my hand at all of these (to varying degrees of success).
One significant influence on my decision to follow Christ was ‘The Consolation of Philosophy’ by Boethius, a fictional account of the Early Medieval philosopher’s unjust imprisonment and impending execution. Since reading his work, I have passionately pursued my conviction that all art-forms are invaluable channels for God’s wisdom to inspire hope and consolation in times of adversity.
Places you can find me and my work:
  • Social Media – You can follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Journalism – I am a regular contributor to Tru., and edit roughly half of all articles published on the website. I have written on around 40 different topics, though mostly concerning the climate crisis and / or human rights restrictions. My reflections on international cinema can be found at Wasteland. I have also written on the comic book industry for ScreenRant.
  • Film & Photography – I upload experimental films (mostly quiet & contemplative in nature) to YouTube. I am particularly proud of 2024, my first feature-length film. Some of my photography was featured on the Southampton City Art Gallery website.
  • Blog – When I have the time, I publish some thoughts on aesthetics, philosophy, art and poetry on my blog.
  • Portfolio – My primary (non-exhaustive) portfolio, consolidating much of the information above, can be found on Linktree.