Flotsam skeins moist mineral margins  
A deferent sea sighs prostrations
Dropped on lap of land
Merging liminal strip shifts
Spume fettled grit
Untiring liturgy whispered 
Watery within the weightless gyre
Fragments waver on foam-flecked fringes
Windblown wanderers
Shy of shifting shores
Soil-bound sap-soaked retrospections faded
Crystallised to caustic catatonia
Salt bleached slumberers
The spindrift of interminable tides
Simplicity wreathes the complex 
Intricacy kissed by steel grey sameness
Immutable change frets with foam fingers 
Fussing fragile hem of subtle earth
Unravelled by degrees to the liquid level 
Tide-tossed hostages return as ousted aliens
Presagers of harmony by entropy undone