Who I Am

My name is Sam, I’m married to Colette, and we live with our daughter Martha in Southampton, UK.

This is a place I share things that matter to me. Everything here is an expression of my desire to search out the truth, beauty and goodness of what the Creator has made. I am inspired by the examples of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, G.K. Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, and George Steiner; thinkers who refused the assumption of an impassable divide between imagination and reason, or a rift between the physical and the transcendent.

What I Do

I write poems, blog posts and longer essays. I also give occasional talks, particularly on the Bible. I do all of this with a deep desire to take seriously the complex realities of the human condition. My writing has been published by outlets including The Gospel Coalition and UCCF’s BeThinking website.

Professionally, I started out as an academic in Bio-engineering at the University of Southampton. My research used 4D imaging at large national facilities to understand very small biological systems. A record of my published research can be found here.

I am now part-qualified as a Patent Attorney, a role which mixes scientific and legal skills to help inventors and companies protect all kinds of inventions. I’ve written a bit about this career change here.

Oytside of work, like to be in any kind of water, particularly swimming, kayaking, or surfing. I also enjoy fiddling with music production, taking photographs, making videos, and making things with my hands.

What I Believe

Most fundamentally, I’m a follower of Jesus as he is revealed in the Bible. When really engaged on its own terms, the Bible grasps the knotty complexity of the human condition like no other account of life, the universe and everything.

The Biblical view of reality is often caricatured by those who have barely engaged with it, but what it presents is a true paradigm shift. It reveals a way of seeing our identity, our agency, our will, and our purpose which has roots far deeper than the bland individualism of Western late-Modernity, an individualism which ironically ends up in a form of homogeneity. The Bible presents ultimate truth not as a sterile fact, but as personal: incarnate in the person of Jesus.

Jesus’ death and resurrection grounds all that is good, true and beautiful somewhere other than the shifting relativism and self-determination which exhaust and demean us. We are fully known, with all our flaws and failures, and yet accepted: a paradigm of undeserved, sacrificial, other-centred love.

What This Site is For

In a world of fevered and polarised opinion, I want my life to stand in some small way for a different perspective: seeking synthesis and harmony across reason and imagination, enquiry and creativity; honesty and compassion; conviction and dialogue; truth and humility.

These is much more to say: this site is my way of slowly expanding on these issues as I wrestle with the complexity of life in this world.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of the things you find here.  If anything particularly inspires or challenges you, you’re welcome to get in touch here.